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Nova Cert is a department that was founded in order to meet the growing quality requirements of welded product manufacturers, as well as new regulations of the Building Code in the European Union.

Implementation and certification of quality management systems in welding

For manufacturers of steel constructions, we offer the implementation of our System of Factory Production Control, based on the European standards EN 1090, ISO 9001 and ISO 3834-2. The current European Building Code requires manufacturers to mark their products with the CE mark. In order to do this, it is necessary to implement and certify the System of Factory Production Control on the plant site. Manufacturers of welded steel and aluminum construction products must manufacture their products according to EN 1090 series standards. Our work is to evaluate the company’s business profile, create administrative and production procedures, train the staff, and prepare the certification audit facility. We also help you to select the right certification body.

Moreover, our offer includes:

  • Implementation of a quality management system based on EN ISO 15085, ISO 9001 and ISO 3834-2 for welded products manufacturers for the rail industry.
  • Implementation of a quality management system based on European standards ISO 9001 and ISO 3834-2 for the purpose of meeting the requirements of the PED directive for manufacturers of pressure equipment.

With our help, implementation of any quality management system will not pose any problems, and will definitely contribute to an increase in the quality of your product offerings and market competitiveness.

Subcontractors audits and investor supervision

This offer is addressed to investors wishing to make sure that the ordered welded steel structures (e.g. steel halls, bridges, pressure vessels, pipelines) will be produced in accordance with mandated guidelines, legal regulations, and above all, with the highest quality. We carry out a comprehensive supervision of subcontractors: from an audit of contract fulfillment process, then in progress inspections, up to contract completion, including completion and verification of the required supporting subcontractor’s documentation.

Investor supervision provides the assurance and warranty for completion of investment.

Training for the supervision personnel and technical advice

  • For companies focused on the development and improvement of products quality, we offer individual trainings in welding processes and quality management systems (e.g. trainings for the System of Factory Production Control Managers)
  • We organize individual welding courses for welders.
  • We train the welding staff to increase the knowledge of the applicable standards and regulations.
  • We are implementing new welding technologies to increase productivity.
  • We help our customers to choose the right welding equipment – welding machines and welding

If you want to organize an individual training in your company or you seek advice from an experienced welder engineer, please contact us and tell us about your issue.