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Nova Weld is a service provider of qualified external welding supervision. Our experienced staff of welding engineers is ready to take on new challenges. We invite you to familiarize with the detailed offer.

Welding supervision i inspections

As certified welding engineers, we carry out welding supervision according to the requirements of the welding quality standard EN ISO 3834. In accordance with the guidelines included in the standard, every manufacturer dealing with the production of welded products is obliged to have experienced and qualified personnel to manage the welding production. However, not everyone can afford to employ and keep such staff onshore. Thus, we are offering to employ us as a subcontractor in the field of welding supervision. Our experience gained in different industries and large manufacturing plants will certainly contribute to improve the quality and productivity of your company.

We provide supervision both on the factory and on the construction sites. The scope of the services include:

  • Overview of the projects in terms of welding processes
  • Development of welding plans including Welding Procedures Specifications – WPS
  • To carry out the welding technology qualification processes and obtain the WPQR protocols, if necessary.
  • Checking the qualifications of the welders and, if necessary, examine them for the purpose of acquiring a welder certificate
  • Quality inspection of welded construction during production and co-ordination over the process of Non-Destructive Testing of welds (NDT).
  • Preparation of quality documentation, mandatory for final acceptance of the product or welded construction

All services are developed and tested by an experienced International Welder Engineer (IWE).

We encourage you to co-operate with us, we always guarantee the highest quality of services.

Qualification of welding technology

Our company offers help in the sphere of qualification of welding technology and repairs in accordance with series of following standards: EN ISO 15614, EN ISO 15613 and ASME standards. On the basis of years of experience with hard-welded materials like duplex steel, heat resisting and high temperature steel, titanium alloys, nickel super alloys, with the help of qualified welding supervision staff, we develop welding technologies (WPQR or PQR), concerning repair and heat treatment of even the most demanding materials.

Our great asset is to have our own Nova Lab, a research lab that enable us to control whether your technology is appropriate for a given material or application

Examination of welders

We offer a possibility of carrying out a welder’s exam according to the European standard EN ISO 9606. The successful completion of the exam ends with issuing a welder’s certificate by the TÜV SÜD inspection body. The certificate authorizes a welder to work throughout the European Union. For all enterprises operating on the markets outside the European Union, we offer the examination and certification of the WPQ in accordance with ASME Section IX regulation. On request, we offer the possibility to conduct examinations in the production plant or on the construction site. Our professional service includes:

  • Participation in the test of the welder’s skills
  • Execution of the required weld tests in our Nova Lab
  • Issuing a certificate in the inspection body.